Fixes Explained

As I was comparing the original, printed version of these articles with the version that I've had on my web site, I found many places where the two didn't match.

Some of these differences were very minor, such as switching letters in a word, so that "the" became "hte". Some were as simple as something not being italicised. There also instances where paragraph breaks were changed. (If I found only a few of these very minor errors in a particular article, I didn't designate it as "Fixed".)

However, there were more serious errors, also. Words, phrases and even whole sentences were missing. In at least one instance, an entire paragraph had been left out. There were several instances where the beginning of one sentence and the end of another sentence were put together to form one, new sentence. In some articles, whoever typed up them for the web, replaced words with other words, or different tenses of the same word: for example, constraint/restraint, or a word that ended in "ed" became the same root word with an "ing" ending. Sometimes, the replacement word had a very different meaning than the original one: for example, consciously was replaced by subconsciously.

There were also interesting typing errors. "l" (the number) was often used throughout one article in place of "I" (the letter).

Admittedly, these errors probably didn't change the general meaning of the article. However, I want this site to be as perfect as possible, (I know it will never actually be perfect, but it's something to strive for), so it was worth it to me to go through the articles, and fix them as needed.