(A Letter To VOX, April 1996, From Lori Fidler)

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I have just seen the article on Richey Edwards in your last issue. My name is mentioned in it and I would like to clarify a few things. Aside from the fact that you misspelled my name and falsely claimed that I ran the American Manic Street Preachers fan club, I feel that I had to write in because of the past press I have received. In August, The Sunday Times ran a horrible article on Richey, putting me in it by writing twisted quotes and adding my photograph of the two of us, which I never submitted. It is obvious that one of the few people I sent copies of the picture to took it upon themselves to make me look bad.

David Cross' assessment that he bumped into Richey in Newport was totally unfounded. I do not believe it was Richey - David was mistaken. Richey never was, or is, staying with me. That theory is ludicrous. Richey and I only wrote to each other, and the only times I saw him were at MSP gigs in Britain. We hardly knew each other! Why would he phone me? My girlfriend took the call; she doesn't know Richey's voice. Since I reported that, I have been getting calls from people pretending to be Richey. They cannot be Richey because in March I moved and my new number is not listed. I never thought the caller was Richey because it would be stupid of him to phone me, of all people. Perhaps I hoped it was him, but it was not.

Because of your article and the one in The Sunday Times, a lot of people have been giving me aggravation. I don't get it. Are they suspicious of my private life? Why? Most of it has been exposed, or lies have been told about me. No one has ever tried to clear it up with me. You should have contacted me.

Happy holidays to you, Richey, wherever you are...

Lori Fidler, White Plains, New York