Richey: Anniversary Passes Quietly

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Manic Street Preachers fans last week respected appeals to mark the fifth anniversary of Richey Edwards' disappearance quietly.

They abandoned plans to gather in Blackwood, Richey's home town, at the Severn Bridge, where his car was found, and in London, where he was last seen.

Messages posted on fan websites had called for people to mark the occasion by gathering in these spots, but it seems fans were dissuaded from taking part through respect for members of Richey's family and close friends who still live in the small Gwent town.

A spokesman for Blackwood's police said after the anniversary, February 1, passed uneventfully: "As far as we're concerned, nothing happened."

One local said: "There was no visible thing. The fans were asked not to bother the parents, so there was no great gathering of people in feather boas and glitter. They probably marked the anniversary as individuals."

[Originally published: Melody Maker, 9 February 2000]