Police Make Fresh Plea In Richey Case

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Manic Street Preacher Richey Edwards' disappearance two months ago has prompted a plague of crank calls to the police which have hampered their investigation into his whereabouts.

A spokesperson for Scotland Yard made a fresh appeal for Richey, or anyone with information about the missing guitarist, to get in touch with them.

Officers are concerned for his welfare and, the spokesperson added, police have had to deal with a series of crank calls.

"There have been some cranks, but it's been unbelievable the number of people who have tried to help. People have sent in mini theses and the file for Mr Edwards is bigger than for any other missing person. The level of interest is unbelievable."

The appeal follows the publication in Japanese magazine Music Life of the last interview Richey gave before his disappearance from London's Embassy Hotel in Bayswater Road, London.

The guitarist said in the interview that he had thrown 80 per cent of his lyric books into a river outside his house and that he shaved off his hair because Snoopy, his 17-year-old dog, had died.

He also talked at length about his health, self-abuse and mental illness. "Everyone is weak," he said.

Richey went on to say that he was admitted to hospital last summer because he got lost and needed to get back to reality. He says he drank a lot, thought his body could take the punishment, but reached the point where he physically couldn't get out of bed.

He said: "It's difficult to lie in that frame of mind. It means you can't move, back then I was living on my own, without anyone to speak to. I didn't even have a telephone."

Edwards said he lived day to day and added: "I have no regrets. Regrets are meaningless. You can't change yesterday or tomorrow. You can change only this present moment."

He said alcoholism started to destroy him, although he stopped drinking last summer. He added: "I do value writing songs, I regard myself as a good poet, I work hard. Songwriting is an art and I really try my best at it. I get such satisfaction from it.

Edwards told Music Life reporter Midori Tsukagoshi that most people in the music industry are unfeeling and many UK indie bands are pretentious. He said he enjoys being on his own and says he can't really imagine being in a long-term relationship with anyone.

Edwards added: "To love somebody seriously involves being trapped by jealousy. It's really hard. I've never wanted to love somebody insincerely - and I don't mean only sexually but intellectually and mentally too. If I was in the street and my partner was thinking, 'Wow! He's stunning!' I'd wonder why she was with me. I've never had any long relationships. The longest, when I was young, was about four days." Edwards said he had no fears and did not hate anything or anyone. He added: "People try saying they're strong. But that's not true. Everyone is weak."

Anyone with any information about Richey should contact the police on 0222 222 111

[Originally published: New Musical Express, 8 April 1995]