Hoaxers Hit Richey Hunt

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? [This is probably not as originally published!]

Police Hampered In Search For Missing Rocker Richey Edwards

A rash of crank calls is hampering the police investigation into the disappearance of rocker Richey Edwards.

Since the Manic Street Preachers star vanished two months ago, police have received a series of calls from people claiming to know where the star is. They have all turned out to be false.

Det Sgt Regan, leading the investigation, says: "One guy claimed that Richey was living at his house. He was obsessed with Richey and had made the whole story up."

The star - who was admitted to hospital with exhaustion last summer - disappeared from a London hotel.

Anyone with any real information about Richey should contact the police on 0171 321 9849. But, please - no more crank calls.

[Originally published: Daily Mirror, 6 April 1995]