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Preachers announce new single and tour for '94!

The Manic Street Preachers have announced details of a full UK tour.

The shows will be their first UK live dates - bar their Christmas show at Brixton Academy on December 10 - since the Milton Keynes Bowl outing with Bon Jovi in September. They are as follows:

Leicester De Montfort Univeristy January 26, Southampton Guildhall 27, Norwich University of East Anglia 28, Bristol University 29, Hull University 31, Middlebrough Town Hall February 1, Glasgow Plaza 2, Liverpool University 3, Cardiff University 4, Sheffield University 5. Tickets - at £7.50 - go on sale December 1.

A new single, 'Life Becoming A Landslide', will be lifted from their 'Gold Against The Soul' album on January 24. It's backed with three brand new recordings.

These are 'Comfort Comes' and 'Armour The Saints', which are both new Manics compositions, plus a cover of 'Charles Windsor' by the obscure late-'80s act McCarthy.

"They were one of the most important bands when we were forming," explains guitarist Richey James, recovering from a minor car crash he experienced while en route to a Molly Halfhead gig.

"They had fantastic lyrics, and did really good interviews. But they were a very Marxist band, and destroyed themselves in the end, because they refused to do so much!"

Of the new songs, he says: "'Comfort Comes' is very stark, and quite sombre. Very concrete-like. And 'Armour The Saints' is more 'trad'. Not ballady, but very nice. Your mother would like it...

"The new songs are lyrically about death, I suppose. And the never-ending ability of human beings to inflict pain on each other.

"There are 53 wars going on in the world at the moment..."

[Originally published: Kerrang!, 4 December 1993]