'We Thought He'd Just Done A Runner' Says Bradfield

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The Manic Street Preachers are set to reveal how they dealt with the mysterious disappearance of Richey Edwards.

In a revealing series of interviews, recorded for BBC Radio 2, James Dean Bradfield says the band thought Richey just needed a bit of a break and would be back in a few days.

He says: "We just all decided that he just really didn't want to go to America and he'd turn up in three days. We thought he'd just done a runner basically.

"But after two days I think it was all dawning on us that, because he hadn't called or anything, that we were getting a slightly ominous feeling that perhaps he wasn't going to call up or say sorry, that perhaps it was a bit more serious."

And Bradfield says it was difficult to move on after it was obvious he wasn't coming back. He said: "We had to make a decision whether to put our lives on hold or just depend on each other and see if we could still function as a band.

"We had lost a member of the band, it's as simple as that. And we just made a decision that we can either call it quits and just be friends like we always were or just lean on each other and see. This sounds really corny, but we wanted to see if we could actually redeem our lives through music and make ourselves feel better. So we made the decision after six months."

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[Originally published: Wales on Sunday, 29 September 2002]