News: Manic Street Preachers Guitarist Reported Missing

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Richey James (Edwards), guitarist for the British rock group Manic Street Preachers, has been reported missing in London, England.

James, 28 years old, was last sighted leaving the London Embassy Hotel on Wednesday, February 1st, 1995, at 7:00 a.m. Suspicions were immediately raised because of his past history in a mental institution as well as his unstable mind. His car, a silver Vauxhall Cavalier motor car (license: L519 HKX), was recently found near a cliff in the United Kingdom, with no sign of James nearby. In addition, it is rumoured that prior to James' disappearance, he had systematically withdrawn 200 pounds per day from automatic teller machines throughout Britain.

James spent part of this past summer in a British asylum to cure manic depression and feelings of inadequacy. He had previously carved "4 REAL" into his arm with a knife in response to a reporter's dubious comments on the band's devotion to their trade and style of music.

The band was supposed to have started their first full length American tour on February 22, and kicked that off the week before with publicity work in the United States. Lead singer James Dean Bradfield made that trip; however, U.K. press representatives for the band said, at the time, that James could not make the trip because of an "ear infection". The tour has obviously been cancelled.

The band's future is in doubt as of this writing, as Bradfield and other members of the group have repeatedly stated that the four men, who have known each other since childhood, would never perform without all four members.

Police are asking anyone who has seen Richard or knows of his whereabouts to contact the Cardiff Central Police Station.