Manics Fans Dismiss Richey Foot-Link

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Manic Street Preachers fans have dismissed tabloid reports that the pair of feet which were discovered on the banks of the river Severn belong to Richey Edwards, who disappeared in the area seven years ago.

Two fishermen came across a pair of bone-filled size eight Diadora trainers in Sudrook, Monmouth on March 25th.

Local police have now got in contact with families in the area who have missing relatives in the hope that they may recognise the shoes. The authorities are keen to point out that they are looking at several missing person cases and not just Richey Manic. They admit that, if investigations meet a dead end, they will extend the appeal to other forces.

But fans aren't convinced that the shoes and the bones which were found in them belong to the missing Manic.

"I wont 'accept' someone's dead with no body," said fan Paradise Comes on the discussion forum at, while another called Fairyqueen reasoned: "It mightn't actually be him though. It's one the most notorious suicide spots there is. It's not like he's the only person in history to jump off the Severn. Poor whoever it is, and even more so poor their families."

Another devotee, Mister Simon Price, questioned the wisdom of the press in jumping to conclusions and pointed out that other families were affected by the news. "There's an indecent haste to the way Richey's name has been brought into the story," he mused. "Like, 'Some poor sod has been found dead, and it might be a CELEBRITY!' It's almost insulting to all the other families of people who've gone missing in that area."

[Originally published:, 26 March 2002]