Missing Manic Richey's Sick Suicide Stunt

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Photo: Richey Edwards

by Dominic Herbert

Richey Edwards, 18 months before he made his disappearing act, sat on a chair with a bag over his head for several minutes while one of his friends who worked with the band filmed him on camera.

The depressed rhythm guitarist performed the chilling suicide stunt in a van as the band were travelling between their gigs.

Richard Mills, a guitar technician for the Manics, videoed him. They were on the road in Japan in 1993. Mills stated to the News of the World: 'A few people were saying they were tired, then one guy pointed to Richey. Richey had put this plastic bag over his head and he was sitting there motionless. Then he took it off, and spoke no words. Looking back, it was quite weird knowing that some people believe that he has committed suicide'.


[Originally published: News of the World, 25 March 2001]