Manics Tackle Legacy Of Richey As They Set Out To Conquer The World

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Nicky Wire, outspoken bass player of the Manic Street Preachers has revealed to dotmusic that two of the songs on their forthcoming album This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours deal with the legacy and iconography of missing guitarist and lyricist, Richey Edwards.

Nicky Wire says of Ready For Drowning: "It's about Richey and Welsh icons - I felt we had to write a song about him."

The Nobody Loved You, also tackles his uncomfortable impact: "It deals with Richey - lots of people care did care about him, even if he didn't realise it."

And in a move which will open them up to accusations of 'selling out' the Manics record company are gearing up to break the band worldwide, their manager Martin Hall explains: "We need to move internationally. They could do well in America."

Nicky Wire is more circumspect: "We don't give a shit - the psyche between us and them (America) doesn't exist."

[Originally published:, 24 August 1998]