Richey "Paid No Attention"

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[This English translation was written for this website by tristwch of the Forever Delayed forum. The copyright for the translation belongs to her.]

The media in Wales have been accused of ignoring the disappearance of a Welsh rock star.

According to Iestyn George of the rock weekly New Musical Express too little attention has been paid to the case of Richey Edwards, guitarist with the cult group Manic Street Preachers from Blackwood in Gwent. He was suffering from serious depression and no-one has seen him since 1 February.

'I believe that news programmes have been terribly thoughtless', said Iestyn George. 'It took eight days for TV and radio news to contact me'.

'I don't wish to over-dramatise but, within a week, it was possible that Richey would have been alive or dead... What makes me angry is that this has been the worst sort of example of the fact that the press ignore people in groups like this through a failure to understand or show interest in their culture.'

But according to BBC Wales, several reports were carried on Wales Today, including an interview with Richey Edwards' parents, and the Welsh-language news and the programme Doctor Newyddion ("Dr News") included regular mentions.

'We are satisfied that the story received the attention it deserved,' said a spokesperson.

[Originally published (in Welsh): Golwg, 23 March 1995]