Richey Manic Appeals Intensify

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The family of missing Manic Street Preacher Richey Edwards have intensified their pleas for him to return, after his sister made a TV appeal.

Rachel Edwards, following pleas from her mother earlier this week, appeared on GMTV just over five years since Richey's disappearance, on February 1, 1995.

She explained: 'I hope he is still alive, but everything after that day is just speculation.'

'I'd just like to say to him if he is around and able to listen that we do love him very much and we would like him to come back,' said Rachel.

She admitted though that Richey may not actually wish to be found.

A dotmusic poll earlier this week, asking users if they believed Richey could still be alive, showed the belief that still exists amongst hardcore fans. 57 per cent said they thought he was still alive.

[Originally published:, 18 February 2000]