Summons For Simons?

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Photo: Clothes with Richey Edwards images

Belgian designer Raf Simons' use of a press release has prompted the force to consider taking action over unauthorised use of one its documents...

Police are to investigate a European fashion designer's use of a press release they issued several years ago about missing Manic Street Preachers Richey Edwards on a new range of mens' tops, can reveal.

As previously revealed on today, Belgian designer Raf Simons' new collection includes tops emblazoned with pictures of Richey carving "4 REAL" into his arm, and a reproduction of the original "Have you seen Richey?" press release issued by South Wales Police in February 1995.

Now, the force is to consider taking action against what it sees as unauthorised use of one of its documents.

Spokeswoman Delys Purchase told "South Wales Police has not recently received any formal request to copy this document. We are looking into the issues related to its reproduction on these garments."

The £170 jumpers and tops also feature copies of Manic Street Preachers setlists stitched onto the fabric.

Richey has not been seen since he abandoned his car at the Aust Services, next to the Severn Bridge, on the eve of a Manics US tour.

A massive police search was launched at the time. Richey's family and friends have been appealing for information ever since.

Despite unconfirmed sightings in Newport, Goa and Fuerteventura, his disappearance remains a mystery and the Metropolitan Police are still investigating. The band, meanwhile, found fame after carrying on without him.

A spokesperson for the Manics said: "Lots of fans are making clothes out of the Manics artwork anyway."

[Originally published:, 16 August 2001]