Richey: From Despair To Care

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Manic Street Preachers have denied that they are the verge of splitting, despite the hospitalisation of guitarist Richey James last week and persistent rumours that guitarist James Dean Bradfield was about to depart.

The Manics played the T In The Park festival two weeks ago without Richey, who was in a private clinic suffering from 'nervous exhaustion'. However, according to a statement issued on Monday, Richey's condition may be more serious. The statement said that the guitarist is suffering from mental illness and that there has been no change in his condition.

"Speculation that Richey is leaving the group is completely unfounded," it read. "Even from the clinic he is still very much involved with the artwork and other aspects of their new album.

"He is, however, very ill at the moment and things have now developed to a point where the band - but more importantly Richey - have decided that he needs to seek professional psychiatric help to deal with what is basically a sickness."

It is not known if he will be fit for the Manics' live dates.

[Originally published: New Musical Express, 13 August 1994]