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Richey Edwards' disappearance is believed to have been an influence on a 17-year-old girl running away from home.

Sally Allen, of Swinton, South Yorkshire, was reported missing on Friday (March 3) after failing to return home from Swinton Comprehensive School. It follows the disappearance on February 1 of Edwards, who was last seen walking out of a hotel in London.

On Monday (March 6), Sally's distraught mother Lynn Cooke told NME: "She's a huge fan of Richey Edwards and she's not been right since he went missing. She's cut her hair off, she's virtually anorexic and couldn't stop talking about him when he disappeared. Everything she's done seems to be down to this. We're very worried."

Inspector Tony Swaby, of Rawmarsh Police, said: "It is more a coincidence that Sally disappeared in these circumstances. We'd urge her to contact someone to say she is alright."

Sally is described as 5'11", very slim, with cropped bronze-coloured hair. She was last seen wearing a combat jacket and black jeans.

Anyone who has information about Sally Allen can contact Rawmarsh police on...

Meanwhile, Manic Street Preachers say they will make no records or play any gigs until Edwards' disappearance is resolved.

Detectives on the case say they have received no confirmed sightings of the guitarist since February 1.

[Originally published: New Musical Express, 11 March 1995]